GDMM College of Engineering &Technology


Anti-Ragging Policy

(W.E.F from 2008)

Awareness, Avoidance, Action

I. Awareness:

Make the seniors aware of the ills of ragging and its consequences by way of posters, notices and counseling lectures by faculty class-in-charges, HOD’s/ Principal/ Director/ Management Representatives/ police department and through undertaking by the students, parents etc.

II. Avoidance:

1) Enforcing measures to minimize contact between fresher’s and seniors, by staggered lunch and break timings for students of different years.

  1. Forming anti-ragging squads, and
  1. By continuous surveillance at vulnerable locations for ragging such as toilets, terraces, canteen, hostels, buses etc.

III. Action:

Whenever a ragging case is reported, to take appropriate action through the discipline committee.