My dear GDMMites! Thanks to the Founders of GDMM; thanks to the GDMM Trust management and to the Staff both (teaching and non-teaching) Parents deserve sincere thanks for the trust they have in GDMM. No wonder than that hundreds of parents year after year come to GDMM seek admission for their children for better education. When I think of GDMM and her achievements during the yester year I feel really proud of GDMM our Alma Mater. Her achievements in the academic field and integrated formation makes her in the top ten. I was wondering how come GDMM is still on the top ten: yes! Hard work and dedicated services are the hallmarks of GDMM. In every action and activities magi’s (excellence) is practiced. Seminars, workshops and intellectual symposia are organized to strengthen the academics. Tournaments are conducted to give chances to students to shine in the field of sports & games as well as cultural activities. The students too worked very hard and achieve great things in the field of academics. In the field of sports and cultural too GDMM prepares the students to become national and international achievers. I invite you all to visit GDMM once again and experience for yourself the nostalgic memories and enjoy the atmosphere of GDMM. May the spiritual and academic atmosphere at GDMM touch you and may you to become great, greater and the greatest. Suvarna Prasad