Objectives of the student council:

  • Representing the views of the student body to the college management.
  • Promoting good communications within the campus.
  • Supporting the educational development programs in progress of students.
  • Assisting first year students in induction program.
  • Contribution to the enlargement of college policies.
  • Facilitate sports and cultural activities in college premises.


S.No. Name of the faculty member Designation Contact Number
1 Mr.Ramesh Chandra Assoc.prof,EEE,HOD 9866478373
2 Mr.Bala Krishna Assoc.prof,ECE,HOD 9989529004
3 Mr.Kanta raju Assoc.prof,CSE,HOD 7674927885
4 Mr.Anil kumar Assoc.prof,MEC,HOD 8977980450
5 Mr.Venkateswara Rao Assoc.prof,CIVIL,HOD 9052274246
6 Mr.Rama Rao Assoc.prof,S&H,HOD 9440176172